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Plurk Friending Policy

General Stuff About Me:

  • Pre-op trans man (FTM) in my mid-20s who lives in the Midwest US and has fibromyalgia, depression, and other things that suck. With the fibro, I mainly deal with chronic pain, fatigue, heat sensitivity, and being very fucking forgetful, nothing particularly gross/body fluid-related. I work part-time as a customer service representative at the family business and I have computer access at work, but I may not always be able to tag. I'm currently struggling with having no health insurance so I might whine about that occasionally.

  • I don't have many triggers and they're not likely to come up except for maybe eye pain. It's not a problem when I'm taking lyrica but I'm unfortunately uninsured at the moment and that shit's expensive.
    • As long as you're not posting a picture or going into extreme detail, you're probably fine. For whatever reason, it triggers stabbing eye pain for me (thanks, fibromyalgia!) for less than 30 seconds. It's not ER visit-worthy or anything, it's mostly just annoying and inconvenient. The eye pain that randomly comes on its own is a lot worse. Unique contacts/anime eyes, face scars around the eyes, and black eyes don't trigger anything, for example, but sharp objects near eyes and general body horror related to eyes triggers it. Somebody complaining about getting something in their eyes is usually fine but sometimes triggers it. Sometimes knowing that it's eye pain/horror in advance somehow doesn't trigger it.

  • I'm a little uncomfortable with alcohol use/alcoholism, tobacco/drug use (I'm fine with marijuana), and abuse (physical, psychological, or sexual) but if I'm bothered by it, my reaction is more "ugh /mutes" than anything.

  • I'm not easily offended and I'm not gonna flip out if you say "my wi-fi's being so retarded" or whatever. I'll probably either send you a PP saying "I don't care but somebody else might not like this because blah blah blah" or ignore it because I have better things to do with my life.
    You know, like freak out about my shitty cartoons not being drawn perfectly to scale and pulling all-nighters to scream at people on the internet about how wrong they are, yeah!!! (That part's sarcasm.)

  • On a related note, let me know if I ever make any mistakes or do anything offensive! And I mean legitimately offensive, not that "calling something d*mb is ableist and you should use another word" bullshit.
    • I'm kind of socially awkward and I know that I come off as rude/mean sometimes without realizing it, and I apologize in advance. I'm not going to use it as an excuse as to why nobody can criticize me, but just so you know. I'd hope that I come off as pretty lax/apathetic so if I seem mean, it's most likely not intentional.

  • If we're friends, I don't mind checking over your apps/essays if I have time. I did some freelance work writing and proofreading essays after I graduated high school and it's made my nitpicky perfectionism worse, whoops.

  • I'm a language nerd who's currently studying Spanish and Filipino/Tagalog when I'm motivated enough. I'm also interested in (from most interested to least interested) Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Hindi/Urdu, Swahili, Vietnamese, and Mandarin. Outside of my "Top 10", I think Native American langauges (Wyandot especially), Romani (The proper term for "gypsies"), Thai, Persian, Turkish, and Zulu are also cool, but any kind of language talk is A++ as long as it's not "everybody should just learn english, hurrrr" shit. English is my only native language but I'm fluent enough in Spanish to be comfortable roleplaying using it.

  • I'm an anime/cartoon fan but I enjoy some live action canons too, just not popular stuff like MCU. I don't mind tagging LA characters although there's a 99% chance that I won't be canon-familiar because almost nobody seems to roleplay from the LA shows that I like. Q_Q Sorry, but I'm not really interested in roleplaying from LA canons, I'm not as invested into them as anime/cartoons and animated stuff is easier to make icons for.

  • I don't mind answering questions about being transgender, having fibromyalgia, whatever, just don't make that our only mutual interest. I fucking hate people who want to befriend me just because they want a transgender friend in their collection or want a friend who's also transgender but only wants me around so that they can talk about trans stuff and absolutely nothing else. (I've dealt with both of these situations.)

  • I don't mind being a shoulder to cry on or confide to if you need it. I'm not that judgey about weird shit as long as you're not hurting anybody else or constantly shoving it in people's faces for attention/sympathy. There's a difference between "I'm depressed because of this reason" and "If you guys don't coddle me, I'll throw myself down some stairs at a furry convention!" (LOL FURRY FANDOM MEMES)

  • Same thing for RP kinks, I don't give a fuck if you want to RP loli necrophilia scat or whatever, I may not be interested in playing it but RP's harmless as long as it's between consenting adults.

  • I'm good at "acquiring" things on the internet too, feel free to ask me for advice, lol. 🏴‍☠️

Adding Me On Plurk:

  • Please don't add me unless...

    • I tell you that you're cool and/or give you permission.

    • We tag/have CR together or might tag/have CR in the future.

    • We share interests... if we don't tag each other often.

  • Please make it obvious who you are in your Plurk name or description! Or just let me know "Hey, this is so-and-so."

  • I intend to keep RL and RP separate as much as possible so I'll try not to whine about RL too much. Don't feel obligated to read any of my RL stuff unless you want to. I'm not gonna cry about it if nobody answers any of my plurks because I know that some people might be asleep/busy, might not want to read about that subject, blah blah blah.

  • Expect little to no buttpat culture from me. Or keysmashing. Unless you ask me for it. It's just not my thing, honestly. I don't care when other people do it as long as it's not excessive.

  • If you want to unfriend me, that's fine, I won't throw a tantrum. I'd appreciate a reason why so that I can make myself a better person but I'm not entitled to an explanation.

  • If I remove you, you can ask me for the reason but do so only if you want the honest truth. By honest truth, I mean something like "I don't like some of the things that you post about like X and Y" not "you're a douchebag, DIAF."

Reasons That I Might Remove/Block You:

  • We don't talk/tag much.

  • We don't share many interests.

  • You're not the kind of person that I want in my life. (You're too negative, toxic, depressed, wanky, etc.)

  • The things that you talk about aren't the kind of things I want in my life.

  • I don't like it when people replurk your stuff and it's nothing personal.

Uh... more to be added when I remember stuff.

Last updated 04/26/2017.